TED Talks – Sir Ken Robinson

The example of the fireman

     In Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Bring on the Learning Revolution,” Robinson makes the point that human communities need to be diverse. Several years ago, Robinson met a fireman during his book signing, who recounted a story Robinson found striking. The fireman had wanted to be a fireman since he was young but as he grew older, adults in his life, including a particular teacher, discouraged him from the career path, believing it to be a waste of his talents. Adults believed that there are better careers, careers that achieve more or have higher incomes. However, the fireman disregarded the adults and became a fireman. Years later, he saved the life of the teacher who had told him, in front of the entire class, that his wish to become a fireman was a waste of his potential.

     With this example, Robinson reinforces that human communities need to be diverse and that by encouraging children to pursue a certain field, we are harming ourselves. Not everyone has to become a doctor or lawyer. Instead, human communities need firemen, construction workers, and teachers to support themselves. By stifling a child’s dream to become a professional in a “lesser” field, we are losing diversity and losing an opportunity for greatness.

The comparison of our educational model to a fast food model

     In Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Bring on the Learning Revolution,” Robinson states that our educational model is very similar to the fast food model. Everything is processed, and there is one ultimate end goal. The goal of the fast food model is not to nourish the human body but to reach maximum profits. In the current educational model, the process of learning is standardized and the goal of education is to attend college. Just like fast food is detrimental to the body, the educational model is draining students of their passion. Robinson argues that education needs to be tailored to each student. Not everyone needs to go to college because everyone’s talent and passions are different.

The example of his wife writing a novel

     In Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Bring on the Learning Revolution,” Robinson says he believes that passion drives humans. Robinson’s wife is a writer who isolates herself in her room for hours while she writes. Robinson says she has a passion for writing, which is why she is capable of sitting for hours on end writing. In our society, he believes that passion is the motivation to achieve more. It doesn’t matter if the interest is in writing or insects or investing, passion will push a person to work harder and reach a higher level in their field.

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