TED Talk takedown

  1. The example of the wristwatch: In Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, “Learning Revolution”, Robinson made the observation that mainly only people over 25 wear wristwatches and that most people under that age don’t. The main reason for that, he explains, is that people over the age of 25 grew up needing to wear a wristwatch to tell the time and those younger most likely use/used mobile phones. People who used to need to wear wristwatches still do, because they are used to it. Robinson uses this example to relate that way of thinking to the current school system. The people running the school system are so set in their ways that they won’t change what they are used to or change something that used to work in the past but no longer works. This is an issue, because the current school system has flaws that need to be addressed and changed.
  2. The comparison of our educational model to a fast food model: Robinson compares our educational model to a fast food model because it is an industry and thus everything is standardized. The fast food model and our educational model both try to produce things that are exactly the same with no individuality whatsoever. However, Robinson believes this is a problem. Because our educational model is like a fast food model, the school system is taking away students individuality and trying to form them into something they are not. He believes the school system should be more like an agricultural system, meaning that you won’t know exactly how every single thing turns out and everything will be slightly different, but all you can do is create the conditions under which children will succeed.
  3. The example of his wife writing a novel: Robinson explains how his wife is writing a novel currently; she will often disappear for hours and not even realize how long she has been working on the book. He claims that when you are passionate about something, an hour feels like 5 minutes, but when you are not interested in something, 5 minutes can feel like an hour. With this example, Robinson is trying to explain that the school system should be teaching and encouraging kids to do something with their life that they are passionate about and put less pressure on making sure kids go to college or pursue a professional career. The current school system puts this kind of pressure on students everyday, and Robinson believes that needs to change.

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