Maya’s Version of A Man Walking in the Rain

A man walks in the rain enjoying a banana. What are the thoughts that go through his head while he eats his banana? As the man eats his banana, I see him looking around at everything surrounding him. He sees children splashing in puddles, people running to take cover, and people standing under an awning waiting for the rain to stop. The banana that he eats lights up the gloomy rainy day. As he eats the banana he enjoys the sweetness of it. The banana seemed to be the perfect banana. But why does he sit in the rain? Why not eat the banana when it is warm and sunny? Why not eat the banana in the comfort of his own home? Does he have a home? The man seems to enjoy the banana like it is the light of his lifeĀ as if it brings pure joy to him. I have never seen someone enjoy a banana so much. Have you? He enjoys his banana as if it is his one piece of happiness. That banana is all he has.

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