Katy’s version of A Man Walking in the Rain Eating a Banana

A man was simply a man. He was once happy. Once. Now all the man sees is a gray rain covered world. His existence merely consists of going to work, coming home and some occasional trips to a local grocery store.

A banana was simply a banana. Grown in Costa Rica, matured in the fields, and then cut and sent to the unknown continent of North America. After a journey via trucks, the banana ended up in a local grocery store.

The man sees the banana in the grocery store, two independent beings meeting for the first time. One another not knowing the tremendous impact they have made on the world by such an act, the man and the banana choose each other. And the gray rainy day enveloped them as the man and the banana commenced their journey together. A man walking in the rain eating a banana.

One might read this and question the importance of a man walking in the rain eating a banana. Another might read this and begin to question their entire existence, influenced by the complicated interaction of this unknown man and this simple banana. There is no concrete way of knowing which interpretation is correct or even if interpretations are even capable of being correct. After all, a concrete meaning or definition goes against the very purpose of an interpretation, seemingly making it impossible for an interpretation to be measured by right or wrong.

One thing is certain. There is indeed a man walking in the rain eating a banana.

Or is there?

Click here to read the original short story.

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