Jemma’s Personal Paragraph

I like reading. Ohh Agatha Christie is an amazing writer. I really should get more of her Hercule Poirot books. That play, o what is it called? Oh. Dial M for Murder that was a good how. Rafael was in it. He was funny, I can’t believe that he walked out with the peruse hanging on his arm . that reminds me of that one time where Nadia, heather and I were at the mall and Heather got that new purse. She spent the rest of the time strutting about with it on her arm. OH that reminds me of the time I went shopping for my cello recital dress. I really like that dress but that recital didn’t go too well. I played that piece way too fast. Oops. Fast, we were going really fast when we went out on course in those kayaks. Being in the instructor boat was a really good and fun idea. That reminds me of the time that I worked with Daniel. He was way too fast for his own good. I couldn’t even get a hit in. Geez that sparring session did not go well for me. Oh mom wants me to set the table.

One thought on “Jemma’s Personal Paragraph”

  1. -I really enjoy how you keep relating things that wouldn’t seem to go together. but you make it work and flow very well.
    – its great how you go from a book to Agatha Christie t0 the mall then to getting the dress for the recital and then you say that you went to fast during the recital then you talk about going too fast in the kayaks.

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