Example Analysis of Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Talk

  • The example of the wristwatch


In Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, “Bring on the Learning Revolution”, he talks about how hard it is to change things through the following anecdot: e. Teens to not wear watches because they have never had to wear watches because it is a single function device that they didn’t need, whereas the generation before them wears a watch simply because when they were kids, to tell the time they had to wear a watch because it was before the digital age so they had to wear a watch to tell the time. This proves the point that just because we have a system doesn’t mean that we are going to innovate and create a new system. For the older generation innovating would be to stop wearing watches because it is a single function device but they have gotten into the habit of just wearing the watch even though there are other better ways out there to carry less things on your person.


  • The example of the fireman

In Sir Ken Robinson’s TED Speech, “Learning Revolution”, he advocates for a diverse educational system through the following anecdote. Robinson tells the story of someone that said he always wanted to be a ;fireman ,however one teacher ridiculed him for his choice. Recently he saved the teacher’s life who had doubted him. This the linear education system doesn’t work for everyone because society should be trying to get everyone’s talents to surface. That doesn’t happen when the education model is linear and doesn’t allow for the person to develop the talents that surface. For society to function it needs a variety of talents that the current model doesn’t provide.


  • The comparison of our educational model to a fast food model


In Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, “Bring on the Learning Revolution”, he points out how we should be treating our students and how are treating our students through the following metaphor. The educational system is like the fast food place. They are trying to make the same thing as many times as possible as quickly as possible with the exact same technique for every kind of food. Our society should be treating education like a high end restaurant that doesn’t do the same thing for every plate of food. This metaphor shows how we are trying to make the same child over and over with the same ingredients and method. This assumes that every child is the same when in reality that is not the case so we should switch over to a high end restaurant model where every dish and ingredient is treated with the care it needs. To create a functioning society we have to not assume every child is the same and treat them like they are different in the classroom and give them each the care and nurturing that they need to succeed and blossom.

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