My Owner Maya!

My names Lucy. I am the family dog, a toy poodle. Maya spends all of her time playing volleyball, and she seems very sporty. Volleyball has relatively consumed her life, and she travels a lot for it. I know because I spend a good amount of time in the doggy hotel at PetSmart, but that isn’t a bad thing because it is super fun! It’s great to know that she has something that she loves, but she spends all of her time playing volleyball instead of playing with me. I mean I should be the most important thing. It is great though because my family always supports Maya. The family gives a lot of support, but so does her best friend Lindsay. I really like Lindsay she’s great when she comes over I get a lot of attention. Even though I don’t get to spend a ton of time with her I still love her a bunch. She is super friendly if she was a dog we would be best buds. 

P.S. If you are a dog and want to have just as much fun as I do tell your owner to book you a weekend at PetSmart hotel.

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