• “The Hunger Artist “ was first published in 1922, and it was written by Franz Kafka. This story is an artist whose art is just him sitting in a cage fasting for the audience. The artist travels all around Eur […]

  • How is the manipulation of reality portrayed in literature? This is explored in Wideman’s “Stories,” Borges’s “The Circular Ruins” and Sontag’s “On Photography”. All of these works of literature look at reality in […]

  • A woman walking in the snow eating a kiwi. Where did she get this kiwi it’s not kiwi season. Where is she going with that kiwi. Does she mind the snow. Does she feel it on her face and hands. Does the snow effect […]

  • -I really enjoy how you keep relating things that wouldn’t seem to go together. but you make it work and flow very well.
    – its great how you go from a book to Agatha Christie t0 the mall then to getting the dress […]

  • My name is Theodora Smith-Miller; I was named after my grandfather Theodore. I have never really liked my name very much. I have lived in New York City my whole life. I have a twin sister. We both have dyslexia. […]

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