•      Death is a terrifying prospect because of the unknown that comes after it. Once we are dead, there seems to be nothing on earth that remains of us. We fade into oblivion. Yet literary masters believe the op […]

  •      Like literature, art is a bastion of culture. For culture to blossom, there needs to be constant communication between the different facets of culture, a constant stream of ideas that flow between artists an […]

  • The example of the fireman
         In Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk “Bring on the Learning Revolution,” Robinson makes the point that human communities need to be diverse. Several years ago, Robinson met a fireman […]

  •      Like most, he started as a line, but then the lines started to multiply, crossing each other in a convoluted game of cat’s cradle. He blossomed into an elaborate image of circles and triangles and lines. With […]

  •      In Wideman’s “Stories,” the author expresses the idea that reality is subjective because it has multiple layers and can be influenced by perspectives. The fact that Wideman chooses to title his story using th […]

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    Just as I was about to deliver the fatal blow to my arch-nemesis, she tempts me with a book, a 600 page book involving Norse princesses, medieval warriors, and regular teenagers with the ability to time-travel. I […]

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