• In Roland Barthes’ Camera Lucida, Susan Sontag’s On Photography, and Jorge Borges’ “The Circular Ruins”, the theme of the manipulation of reality is extremely prevalent. Barthes, Sontag and Borges divulge i […]

  • In Kafka’s story “A Hunger Artist” an omniscient narrator relates the story of a professional faster/ hunger artist, and this man’s struggle with the pressures that being an artist entails. Kafka’s story can be in […]

  • Wideman’s short story “Stories” discusses curiosity on multiple levels both in content and in structure. Wideman does this by revealing curiosity from multiple perspectives.  The main indicator of Wideman dealin […]

  • The example of the wristwatch: In Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talk, “Learning Revolution”, Robinson made the observation that mainly only people over 25 wear wristwatches and that most people under that age don’t […]

  • A man was simply a man. He was once happy. Once. Now all the man sees is a gray rain covered world. His existence merely consists of going to work, coming home and some occasional trips to a local grocery store. […]

  • Hi, my name is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I live on Katy’s bookshelf in her bedroom. She has had me for about 7 years now. I am not in as good shape as I was when she first got me, but I still have a […]

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