Katy’s version of A Man Walking in the Rain Eating a Banana

A man was simply a man. He was once happy. Once. Now all the man sees is a gray rain covered world. His existence merely consists of going to work, coming home and some occasional trips to a local grocery store.

A banana was simply a banana. Grown in Costa Rica, matured in the fields, and then cut and sent to the unknown continent of North America. After a journey via trucks, the banana ended up in a local grocery store.

The man sees the banana in the grocery store, two independent beings meeting for the first time. One another not knowing the tremendous impact they have made on the world by such an act, the man and the banana choose each other. And the gray rainy day enveloped them as the man and the banana commenced their journey together. A man walking in the rain eating a banana.

One might read this and question the importance of a man walking in the rain eating a banana. Another might read this and begin to question their entire existence, influenced by the complicated interaction of this unknown man and this simple banana. There is no concrete way of knowing which interpretation is correct or even if interpretations are even capable of being correct. After all, a concrete meaning or definition goes against the very purpose of an interpretation, seemingly making it impossible for an interpretation to be measured by right or wrong.

One thing is certain. There is indeed a man walking in the rain eating a banana.

Or is there?

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Jemma’s Personal Paragraph

I like reading. Ohh Agatha Christie is an amazing writer. I really should get more of her Hercule Poirot books. That play, o what is it called? Oh. Dial M for Murder that was a good how. Rafael was in it. He was funny, I can’t believe that he walked out with the peruse hanging on his arm . that reminds me of that one time where Nadia, heather and I were at the mall and Heather got that new purse. She spent the rest of the time strutting about with it on her arm. OH that reminds me of the time I went shopping for my cello recital dress. I really like that dress but that recital didn’t go too well. I played that piece way too fast. Oops. Fast, we were going really fast when we went out on course in those kayaks. Being in the instructor boat was a really good and fun idea. That reminds me of the time that I worked with Daniel. He was way too fast for his own good. I couldn’t even get a hit in. Geez that sparring session did not go well for me. Oh mom wants me to set the table.

About Me

Just as I was about to deliver the fatal blow to my arch-nemesis, she tempts me with a book, a 600 page book involving Norse princesses, medieval warriors, and regular teenagers with the ability to time-travel. I scream as my lack of self-control slowly devours me. My greatest love will be my greatest weakness. My enemy has defeated me with my love for reading! How can I possibly resist leaving this world for another? As my self-control slowly erodes, my nemesis cackles and tosses the book into a pool of hot lava. I fall to my knees as my nemesis delivers my fatal blow.

Inspired by Patrick Rothfuss’ The Name of the Wind.

My Owner Maya!

My names Lucy. I am the family dog, a toy poodle. Maya spends all of her time playing volleyball, and she seems very sporty. Volleyball has relatively consumed her life, and she travels a lot for it. I know because I spend a good amount of time in the doggy hotel at PetSmart, but that isn’t a bad thing because it is super fun! It’s great to know that she has something that she loves, but she spends all of her time playing volleyball instead of playing with me. I mean I should be the most important thing. It is great though because my family always supports Maya. The family gives a lot of support, but so does her best friend Lindsay. I really like Lindsay she’s great when she comes over I get a lot of attention. Even though I don’t get to spend a ton of time with her I still love her a bunch. She is super friendly if she was a dog we would be best buds. 

P.S. If you are a dog and want to have just as much fun as I do tell your owner to book you a weekend at PetSmart hotel.

Katy’s Introduction

Hi, my name is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I live on Katy’s bookshelf in her bedroom. She has had me for about 7 years now. I am not in as good shape as I was when she first got me, but I still have an amazing story tucked between my pages. Katy loves to read me every once in awhile which amazes me because I would think she’d get tired of me after awhile. She also likes to eat when she reads me. Sometimes she gets crumbs on my pages, but I forgive her. Katy and her sister Rosa and her parents sometimes leave for periods of time. I don’t like it so much, first because I get lonely, and second because those pets of hers always go crazy when they leave! I am worried they will ruin my pages. But overall, I think Katy makes sure I have a pretty good life. imgres

First post

My name is Theodora Smith-Miller; I was named after my grandfather Theodore. I have never really liked my name very much. I have lived in New York City my whole life. I have a twin sister. We both have dyslexia. We went to school with each other up until high school. She went on to a high school where they didn’t focus on her dyslexia. At one point in my life, I got really into skateboarding and longboarding and I got sponsored by original skateboards. I try to go out and skateboard every day even if I have lost some of the skill.

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