Welcome to the course blog for the online course in The Cooper Union’s Summer Writing Program. This course will introduce you to college level reading and writing. We will read a range of texts, practice different strategies for close reading, use writing to generate ideas and formulate claims, and do plenty of drafting and revising. There will be¬†various writing activities that work to address micro (sentence construction, vocabulary, style, summary) and macro (claims, structure, organization) aspects of writing.

Our goal is to open up the connection between reading, writing, and thinking so you’ll become a more confident reader of challenging texts and learn to approach writing as a process of exploration, investigation, and revision. There’s not one way to write, or read, or think, and we’re here to give you the tools and strategies to find what works for you.

We meet as a group Mondays through Thursdays 12-2 (EST) in Google Hangouts, and once a week you’ll meet for a 15-20 mins individual consultation between 2-230. Our work continues after class in our shared Google Docs folder and on our blog. For instructions on how to use Google Docs and post on the blog, see “course information.”¬†Enjoy the course!